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Here's some footage I took on the zombie walk

Wish I had more time for more creative shotz, we got there 20 min late and most of the zombies had already taken off So it seemed like we were trying to play catch up to the other zombies. Next time the organizer should make a zombie path map (as in when they were going to cross over the blvd cuz it wasn't clear) and maybe like 3 or 4 check points where they all stop in certain key areas for like 20 min, that way zombies can take time to get drinks scare tourists and take a potty break and others can catch up. All and all it was a pretty damn good time!!!! Thanks to all for good times! I also like the twitter updates idea that could even be better than the zombie map.

I also think starting at the luxor is not the best places to start, that area of the strip is dead, maybe start at MGM or NYNY

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