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Lightbulb Left 4 Dead

This message is for Left 4 Dead gamers, fans, imitators, and for the ones who want to be survivors. This will not just be a slow-walking-old-school-brain-loving-moaning zombie walk, this will be a horde attack with screams, cries, growls, and bellows. (possibly barfs) For a complete Left 4 Dead imitation zombie walk, go to these websites.
Left 4 Dead:
Left 4 Dead 2:

My suggestions for specific zombies. Oh, and Left 4 Dead people don't call zombies, zombies. They call them infected. (mostly because of a rabies like pathogen virus called Green Flu that makes them act like zombies and crave for living flesh)

Common Infected
-Looks like ordinary zombie but has a little more gore.
-Walks like an ordinary zombie when not threatened.
-When approached by an ordinary human, gives out a growl then charges. (don't really hit the person, just chase and give a scare)
-Attacks mostly in large groups.

Uncommon Infected
-Mostly wearing something like riot police armor, hazmat suit, or military uniform.
-DO NOT include pirates, robots, aliens, or fictional characters.

For SPECIAL INFECTED Note: Do not put too many special infected in the walk, ruins the meaning of special.

-Wears hoodies.
-This type of infected (for the people who want to be a hunter) can pounce, jump, and hide really well.
-Check the wikia website for more details.

-Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy huge (fat) infected with a lot of boils.
-Breathes, gags, and burps very loudly.
-Check the wikia website for more details.
-Oh and do NOT follow what this infected can do.

-Has one big grotesque arm and one frail "deflated" arm.
-Can run at really fast speeds while the big arm is at front.
-Check the wikia website for more details.

-Short, muscular, hunched back infected.
-Also pounces at people and ride on them while "steering" them into a horde.
-Check the wikia website for more details.

-Does not really produce smoke when walking around.
-Has a snake/frog combo tongue (which means really long tongue) somehow find a way to make a tongue that long.
-Wraps the tongue around the victim and squeezes.
-Coughs a lot (obviously)
-Check the wikia website for more details.

-Too hard to replicate.
-But you can still check the wikia website for more details.

-Like a charger but both arms are grotesquely large and buff including the torso (except for the head, it's small.)
-Check the wikia website for more details.

The best special infected for last.

-When not threatened or disturbed, she wanders around or sit in a corner, hands on her face crying.
-Sobs, cries, and weeps a lot when no one gets close or disturbs her.
-When poked, accidentally touched, stared at, or beamed a flashlight at her, she stands up, gives a little growl and goes back crying if the person who did it ran as fast as he/she could.
-If the person who disturbed her did not leave, she will give a deafening scream and chases him/her so fast that they donít know if they were hit or not.
-Goes back crying after attack.

-Do not really punch, kick, drag, drop, claw, or harm the person you're attacking. Just scare.
-Stay together in groups.
-If you hear a loud sound (car alarm, engine/generator, or machines) give out a battle cry and groan combo sound. (not really a battle but it's the best words to describe that sound)
-Make it as Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 as possible!

For the ones who want to be survivors.
-Wear ordinary civilian clothing with a few blood and dirt stains.
-Use fake weapons.
-Don't let the infected "mutate" you into them.
-If they manage to crowd around you, prepared to be splashed by fake blood.
-Every group must have ONLY 4 people.

Focus on flesh, guts, and bones.
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