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Old 11-24-2009, 04:06 PM
RSGp1n0y RSGp1n0y is offline
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Lightbulb Left 4 Dead

This message is for Left 4 Dead gamers, fans, imitators, and for the ones who want to be survivors. This will not just be a slow-walking-old-school-brain-loving-moaning zombie walk, this will be a horde attack with screams, cries, growls, and bellows. (possibly barfs) For a complete Left 4 Dead imitation zombie walk, go to these websites.
Left 4 Dead: http://left4dead.wikia.com/wiki/Left_4_Dead_Wiki
Left 4 Dead 2: http://left4dead.wikia.com/wiki/Left_4_Dead_2

My suggestions for specific zombies. Oh, and Left 4 Dead people don't call zombies, zombies. They call them infected. (mostly because of a rabies like pathogen virus called Green Flu that makes them act like zombies and crave for living flesh)

Common Infected
-Looks like ordinary zombie but has a little more gore.
-Walks like an ordinary zombie when not threatened.
-When approached by an ordinary human, gives out a growl then charges. (don't really hit the person, just chase and give a scare)
-Attacks mostly in large groups.

Uncommon Infected
-Mostly wearing something like riot police armor, hazmat suit, or military uniform.
-DO NOT include pirates, robots, aliens, or fictional characters.

For SPECIAL INFECTED Note: Do not put too many special infected in the walk, ruins the meaning of special.

-Wears hoodies.
-This type of infected (for the people who want to be a hunter) can pounce, jump, and hide really well.
-Check the wikia website for more details.

-Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy huge (fat) infected with a lot of boils.
-Breathes, gags, and burps very loudly.
-Check the wikia website for more details.
-Oh and do NOT follow what this infected can do.

-Has one big grotesque arm and one frail "deflated" arm.
-Can run at really fast speeds while the big arm is at front.
-Check the wikia website for more details.

-Short, muscular, hunched back infected.
-Also pounces at people and ride on them while "steering" them into a horde.
-Check the wikia website for more details.

-Does not really produce smoke when walking around.
-Has a snake/frog combo tongue (which means really long tongue) somehow find a way to make a tongue that long.
-Wraps the tongue around the victim and squeezes.
-Coughs a lot (obviously)
-Check the wikia website for more details.

-Too hard to replicate.
-But you can still check the wikia website for more details.

-Like a charger but both arms are grotesquely large and buff including the torso (except for the head, it's small.)
-Check the wikia website for more details.

The best special infected for last.

-When not threatened or disturbed, she wanders around or sit in a corner, hands on her face crying.
-Sobs, cries, and weeps a lot when no one gets close or disturbs her.
-When poked, accidentally touched, stared at, or beamed a flashlight at her, she stands up, gives a little growl and goes back crying if the person who did it ran as fast as he/she could.
-If the person who disturbed her did not leave, she will give a deafening scream and chases him/her so fast that they donít know if they were hit or not.
-Goes back crying after attack.

-Do not really punch, kick, drag, drop, claw, or harm the person you're attacking. Just scare.
-Stay together in groups.
-If you hear a loud sound (car alarm, engine/generator, or machines) give out a battle cry and groan combo sound. (not really a battle but it's the best words to describe that sound)
-Make it as Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 as possible!

For the ones who want to be survivors.
-Wear ordinary civilian clothing with a few blood and dirt stains.
-Use fake weapons.
-Don't let the infected "mutate" you into them.
-If they manage to crowd around you, prepared to be splashed by fake blood.
-Every group must have ONLY 4 people.

Focus on flesh, guts, and bones.
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Old 03-22-2010, 08:04 PM
JanetTeellaExceday JanetTeellaExceday is offline
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Default Left 4 Dead

Oh wow, a lot of sites are full of people being pissed at Valve for releasing a new game so quickly, and not putting any more DLC for the first game.

Which isnt proven yet, seeing how the new one was just announced, and I bet they havent even started level design at this point.

But yeah, I can see what they mean. L4D 1 only got two new maps for Versus which should have been included in the first place, the new mode Survival which is short as hell... and thats it.

Maybe it will be some sort of add-on or something. Patch it into L4D 1 and get both games going?
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Old 11-12-2010, 05:44 AM
Vsemkoma Vsemkoma is offline
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Default Left 4

Не знаю как с другими играми от Valve, но слышал, что Orange Box от Буки не хотел запускаться на компьютерах с латвийцскими адрессами.

Будет ли официальная русская версия Left4Dead запускаться на компьютере с латвийским ip? Иными словами, могу ли я играть в Латвии в игру, купленную в России?
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left 4 dead, modern zombies

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