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Old 05-05-2010, 01:11 AM
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Default Zombies Night Out 2 @ Modern Film Fest


This event will be the highlight of the OPENING night of this years MODERN FILM FEST held at The Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, NC. For a complete list of films, show times and MFF news go to...

Our second annual zombie gathering in K~Town is growing to a Zombie Walk this year. We plan on having registration beginning at 1pm. I believe that myself and the MFF planners are looking at bringing in the local Literacy Council to benefit from a gently used book drive. In addition to that we will also have a local FOOD BANK to benefit from a canned food drive. But wait, do we dare add another? Why not! What's a Zombie Walk without some blood? We hope to have the American Red Cross on site as well to sponsor a blood drive! So there you have it people, three different charities to choose from. A donation to any ONE of those THREE will count as your registration fee for the walk. We are also looking for make up artist who will come out and help transform the film goers into zombies if they wish.

Registration/Make up: 1pm-5pm

Filming Zombie: 3pm (We will be shooting a short film on site at this years MFF)

Zombie Walk: 5pm-6ish (*Judging of costumes begins!)

FOOD BREAK: 6pm-7pm (we may have food vendors on site or you may want to visit some local restaurants)

After Party: 7pm-10pm (Bands start at 7pm)
7pm: TBA
8pm: The Graveyard Boulevard
9pm: Whiskey Hell Child

Contest Finals: 10pm-11pm (we will start lining up to get into the theatre as soon as the next to the last show has let out *Costume contest finalists will be called to the stage for acknowledgment and prizes. Then just a few short announcements and we'll start the last film for the night)

The Late Show: 11ish ~ "EAT ME: A ZOMBIE MUSICAL"
__________________________________________________ _________

We will continue our charity drive/ registration from 1pm - 5pm at that time we hope to begin our walk from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Gazebo which is located diagonally across from The Gem Theatre on the corner of Main st. and W. First st. We will pass the theatre on the opposite side of the road heading toward what used to be called "Idiot Circle" turning left and continuing though The Cannon Village area. Finally ending back where we started at the gazebo with live bands and other performers.

(EVERYTHING is subject to change!)
__________________________________________________ __________

COSTUME CONTEST~ This year the contest will be open to three classes and not just zombies.

1) Best Zombie (of course)
2) Best Survivor/Victim
3) Best Z.E.R.O. (zombie resistance)
__________________________________________________ _______

So it's looking like this is going to be a huge day of FILMS, ZOMBIES, EXERCISE, CHARITIES and most of all FUN FUN FUN!!!

Check back often! We will all be adding new NEWS and details as we confirm them.

mmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmMMmmmmMmmmMMoooore BBbbbbbbbBbBBbbrrrRRRaaaaaaAAAaaiiiIIIiiiNnnNNnnnn nzzzzzzzzz

Note from organizer:

I'm trying to make this event appeal to as many people and age groups as possible. First of all let me point out that this is a FILM FESTIVAL! These guys have worked very hard to bring three days worth of films from all different genres to the public. Second I would like to extend a personal invitation to all fans of horror/zombie movies. You all know that it's the survivors and victims who almost make it to the end and those zombie killers that wind up being your favorite characters in zombie movies. With that in mind I would like to encourage those of you who don't wanna put on all that messy make up to come as survivors, victims, Haz Mat/Medical, zombie hunters (Z.E.R.O. Zombie Emergency Response Operations) Military, S.W.A.T., EMT's the list goes on and on... All of you are invited to register for the ZNO - Idiot Circle Zombie Walk. Lastly I would like to invite the parents to bring the little zombies out for a fun filled October day. After all HALLOWEEN will be here before you know it.
Undeadly Yours,

PS... Devil's Night October 30th 2010 - Zombies' Night Out presents ZOMBIES' INFEST SALISBURY
Check out the SECOND event page for more info. It will be updated as things are CONFIRMED! Bbbrrraaiinnsszzz

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