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Old 09-30-2005, 01:49 PM
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Ok, I will be updating this thread fairly often with a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the 2005 Richmond Zombie Walk.

(LAST UPDATE: 10/01/05)

Q: What is the Zombie Walk exactly?
A: Click here for details.

Q: When is the Zombie Walk?
A: Saturday, October 15th 2005 around 1pm.

Q: Where is the Zombie Walk?
A: At that mall, you know the short one in the west end where you can pump it.
NOTE: We will be meeting elsewhere a half hour or so in advance to organize the zombie horde. Stay tuned to ZombieWalk.com for more details as they become available.

Q: How can I join in the Zombie Walk?
A: Click here to learn how to submit your info so that you too can walk with the undead hordes!

Q: How will I know where to meet up with everyone beforehand?
A: You must be on our call list in ***** to know when and where to meet up. If you try to just show up at some random place at a mall, you'll be disappointed. So if you want to participate in the Zombie Walk, make sure you submit your info. We will call you a few days before the Zombie Walk to inform you of the meeting place.

Q: Where can I get some good Zombie outfits and makeup?
A: The best place to get Zombie clothes is at your local thrift shops. You can get full outfits for a buck or two. You can then take these outfits and tear them to shreds, mess them up in the dirt, and poor fake blood all over them. The great thing about it is, by getting your outfit this way, you don't have to worry about messing up your nice clothes.

As for fake blood and zombie face paint, you can either make your own or you can go to any Halloween/costume shops to buy the supplies. Carytown has a costume shop, Party City stores always have plenty of zombie makeup kits and bottles o' fake blood.

Q: How do I make my own fake blood?
A: Per Dave Gore's instructions:

1. Corn syrup
2. Red food coloring
3. Blue food coloring
4. water

This is the most basic way to make fake blood. When mixing, you want mostly corn syrup and a small amount of water so it sticks to whatever gory wound or surface you desire to splatter. Also, use mostly red food coloring, followed by only 1-3 drops of blue food coloring (depending on how much blood you are making you might need more blue coloring to give it a darker red. Otherwise it will just look pink and really shitty). Mix that junk together, then splatter where necessary.
Q: Is there an age limit?
A: Not really, but we do recommend that any small children be accompanied by an adult.

Q: What can / can't I bring or do?
A: Just bring yourself and some friends and dress up as the best zombies you can possibly create. Don't bring anything that would normally get you kicked out of a public place. Remember, we're just gonna be walking around as zombies. No nudity. Do not squirt blood on people or things at the mall; fake blood can stain and we are not there to damage any property. Do not go bringing any weapons, even if it's something like fake knives. It may look cool, but that's the kind of stuff that could get ya into some trouble. And zombies don't do too well in jail from what I hear. Not many good brains to eat in there.

Q: Can I go off on my own?
A: Zombies work best in numbers, and it will look far more impressive and menacing if we have one huge group of zombies walking together rather than a bunch of random stragglers.

Q: How can I help the Zombie Walk?
A: Aside from bringing yourself dressed up as a zombie, just spread the word to your friends. We have a flyer that you can print out and give to your friends. Click here for the flyer. Just keep in mind this is a SURPRISE event, so don't go calling every news station on earth about it. We'll have plenty of people on-hand to document the event. We just don't want the people at the mall to be expecting us... it'll be a lot more fun for everybody (including them) if it's a total surprise.
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