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Old 10-06-2012, 02:14 AM
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Default Oct 14th 6th annual NYC Zombie Crawl hits Manhattan!!

NYC Zombie Crawl takes Webster Hall on October 14th!
The 6th annual Halloween event hits Manhattan Streets

The NYC Zombie Crawl is back in Manhattan for it's 6th annual lurch around the East Village on Sunday, October 14th! Expect the usual zombie shenanigans sponsored by Sailor Jerry Rum and Pabst Blue Ribbon with great drink specials and open bars! Special guest Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Studios and creator of the Toxic Avenger will be on hand at the afterparty presenting a sneak preview from his latest film, "Return to the Class of Nuke Em High"!

The NYC Zombie Crawl will begin at 4pm at Webster Hall (125 E 11th St btwn 3&4 Ave, NYC) with our usual FREE zombie meet-up! You must be 19 + to enter the bar and for 2 and 1/2 hours, zombies are invited to hang out while our zombie technicians will be providing makeup for civilians who wish to become undead for a small fee (starting at $5). There will be an open bar from Pabst Blue Ribbon and Sailor Jerry at 5pm.

At 6:30pm, Zombies will depart Webster Hall and roam the Lower East side, with stops including:
6:45pm - Union Square for a photo opportunity! - 7:00pm - Zombie crawl through THE BEAUTY BAR (231 E 14th St) - 7:45pm - Zombies crawl through THE CONTINENTAL (25 3rd Ave)
Then at 8:45 Zombies crawl back to Webster Hall for the Zombie Afterparty!

9:00pm - 6th Annual NYC Zombie Afterparty at WEBSTER HALL $14 for zombies, $16 for humans, 19 + only - Open Pabst and Sailor Jerry Bar at 10:30pm
*Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman will present clips from “Return to the Class of Nuke Em High”! *THUNDERBOX NYC - The All-Girl Tribute to the best of METAL *NINE INCH ELVIS - A NIN tribute as performed by Elvis! *MUTANT SUPREMACY - Demonic Metal! *RIGOR MORTIS REVUE - Horror burlesque w/ tributes to Nuke Em High and Evil Dead! *Zombie performance by LA PETITE MORGUE theater group! *Late night HOT ZOMBIE CONTEST & ULTIMATE TROMETTE COMPETITION! *The return of "WIN ANDY STRAUB'S LIQUOR" after 10 years!! *and much more!!

There will be zombie projections throughout the night including a sneak peak at EVIL HEAD along with trailers for new Troma Movies and more!

More Madness TBA, keep up to date on the info at http://www.nyczombiecrawl.com!

About the NYC Zombie Crawl - An organization concerned primarily with the rejuvenation of the living dead by means of feasting upon human flesh. While this can be problematic in civilized society, NYC Zombie Crawl attempts to make the zombie experience as genuine as possible through the combination of horrifying SFX make-up and organized zombie events that unite brain-eaters from near and far.
Blood is law!
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