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Old 03-19-2010, 02:29 PM
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Default Zombie Walk Season 2010

Zombie Season the preview!

Good evening Seattle Zombie Walk, we are excited for this year in zombie because as always we have a great time and keep getting better. The Zombie mania is still blossoming everywhere you turn, from movies to music you can’t escape it. We have a lot planned and as the season rolls along we are always approached with more events to crash.. I mean Join! This year we plan on two major walks with smaller walks in between.

The two big walks not to miss are:[/B]

Red White and Dead
Returns this summer on Saturday, July 3rd to bring back the world record back to Seattle in Fremont. For more information, go to www.Zombcon.con starting April 1st 2010 for details. Registration will be online this year and all proceeds will be given to charity...
When: Gather at 5:00pm
Where: 3501 Phinney Ave North, Seattle, WA
Why: Because we proved to the world we could break a record and bring the zombie madness to Seattle. This is our celebration of that event.

The world's first dedicated Zombie Culture Convention debuts this Halloween in Seattle. The same team that brought you Red, White, and Dead and the Fremont Outdoor Movies bring you one of the hottest conventions to hub Seattle. Go to www.zomBcon.com for news, updates and cool announcements starting April 1st. Convention Dates: Friday, Oct 29th - 31st

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ZOMBCO...0995481?ref=ts
Blog: www.zombcon.wordpress.com

Our Seattle Zombie Walks have drawn attention from all around the Seattle communities and they want us to bring the zombie horde fun to them.

the Northwest’s largest science fiction convention, a gathering of fans of various forms of fiction ranging from literature, movies, television, comics, animation and games. They are giving us space for a discussion on zombies, such as how to put on make up and how to zombie shuffle. We will have a large walk through the convention and end at the con dance for a coordinated thriller dance.
When: April 1st for the Zombie Walk, Zombie fun and mayhem throughout the weekend!!
Where: DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport 18740 International Blvd SeaTac, Washington
Who: Zombies who want to attack a Science Fiction Convention
Why: Because we want to see zombies chase after Trekkies, hobbits and Sci-Fi fans
Cost: Just Thursday $30, all weekend $60 long story short if you want to be a zombie at this convention you need to be in the convention to get access into the rooms where most of the action is taking place.

Fremont Solstice Parade
A wild and wacky parade with all forms of art and individual expression. Every year a group of zombies brings the rot, lets bring the Horde and join forces!
Where it starts: N 36th and Leary Way
Where it ends: Gasworks park
When: Noon, June 19th

Seattle Pride
Both Seattle Pride and the Seattle Goth Community have asked us to join the Seattle Pride Parade this year! The pride parade is about Unity, Honor Diversity, and Achieve Equal Human Rights throughout our Region and the World. What do we have to offer? ZOMBIE PRIDE! ZOMBIES ARE PEOPLE TOO!
Where: Downtown seattle on 4th street, we will be with Seattle Goth
When: June 27th, 11am
More information as we get it

Zombie Rock Concerts and Clubbing Events
We have been asked to help out the growing number of zombie rock bands and special clubbing events, keep an eye out for future late night fun.

Zombie Prom
When: October 30th
Where: ZomBcom
Who: Every well dressed zombie
Why: To celebrate another amazing zombie season after the last zombie walk of the year, we need every guy and ghoul to dress up in the finest rotted apparel for a Zombie Prom.

The Official Seattle Zombie Walk Handbook

Follow Seattle Zombie Walk at:

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Old 03-20-2010, 02:25 AM
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More information on the upcoming norwescon event

Thursday- Norwescon 33 Zombie Invasion

To quote our favorite X-Files FBI agent, Fox Mulder: “Well, I got a new theory. I say that when zombies try to eat people, that's just the first stage. You see, they've just come back from being dead so they're going to do all the things they miss from when they were alive. So, first, they're going to eat, then they're going to drink, then they're going to dance and make love.”* Norwescon 33 is going to prove Mulder’s theory.

Thursday is all about zombies. Special Events is bringing you a night filled with them, so many of them you may think it is a zombie holocaust. It starts during the day with two classes to teach our zombies to dance. Anyone who wants to learn the Thrill the World version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance should come to one of the afternoon panels in Maxi’s Ballroom.

Whether dancing is your thing or not, we encourage you to bring your best zombie face to our 8PM Zombie 101 panel, also affectionately known as Walk, Zombie, Walk! Here we will teach you how to shamble, drool, swing your arms and groan like the zombie you long to be. There will be people available to help you join the undead invasion if you haven’t already zombified in advance. Zombie 101 will leave you hungry and eager to spread your infectious virus in the 1st Norwescon Zombie Walk.

The 1st Norwescon Zombie Walk gathers in Grand 2 at 9PM and starts shambling through the halls around 9:20PM. The walking dead will crawl through the hotel and end their hunt for chow in the Tour of a House of Horrors dance where the siren call of Michael Jackson’s Thriller will overwhelm them and they will dance! At the dance you can eat (always ask first), drink and dance, but we at Norwescon can only do so much, the making love part is up to you. Good luck and watch out for those snipers, head shots bite.

* THE X-FILES Hollywood AD (7x18)

Eat A Brain For Charity!:

On Thursday you can EAT A BRAIN FOR CHARITY! For a donation to the Norwescon charity drive (this year our charities are Northwest Harvest and Clarion West) you will get half a brain and a ribbon that says “I ate a Brain for Charity” These will be available at the Info Table in the lobby. If you want to get your own brain to eat for charity, you will have to do it before 6pm when the Info Table closes.

Thrill the World, Thrill Norwescon:

Thursday 1:00pm -3:00pm Maxi’s Ballroom

Thursday 4:00pm - 6:00pm Maxi’s Ballroom repeat

On October 26, 2009, a record-breaking 22,596 people worldwide participated in the 4th annual Thrill the World event, a simultaneous dance to Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” The steps, while true to the famous music video, are slightly different, and cover the entire 5 minute 58 second song. Anyone in reasonable shape can learn this dance! Its okay if you’re a little awkward – hey, you’re a zombie! Dress comfortably and wear shoes you can dance in. Two sessions are scheduled; you are welcome to attend both if you want, but we will teach the entire dance in each session. At the end of Thursday evening’s zombie walk, you may join in as we perform for the crowd at the dance!

For a head start on learning the dances, you can check out the excellent tutorial videos or the Seattle Thrillers’ performance

Zombie 101 or Walk, Zombies, Walk:

Thursday 8:00pm-9:00pm Grand 2

Shamble yourselves down to Grand 2 to learn what it takes to be a zombie. Our zombie pros will teach you how to move, think, and act like a zombie. There will also be people available to apply basic zombie makeup to help you achieve that zombie feel. Wear old clothes and get in the spirit, because this is the start of the 1st Norwescon Zombie Walk. Feel free to come already zombified.

1st Norwescon Zombie Walk:

Thursday 9:00pm- 11:00pm Grand 2

Join us here to be a part of the 1st Norwescon Zombie Walk to take over the halls of the Doubletree. Zombies will shamble around the con, ending up in the dance where they can take part in the Thrill the World zombie dance to Michael Jackson's entire "Thriller" song. Please see the earlier panels today that will be teaching the Thrill the World dance if you wish to learn it in advance.


Thursday 9:00pm-2:00am Grand 3

Thursday Dance

Join us for Tour of a House of Horrors as DJ Irah hosts a night of frights and delights. Watch out for zombies on the dance floor as they "thrill" us with their moves, dancing to music from back in the day up to today's hottest hits.
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