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Old 10-16-2009, 09:36 PM
genxmike genxmike is offline
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Default Waterloo Zombie Walk - October 17th

It is time for the undead to walk the streets of Uptown Waterloo! Saturday, October 17th is the date of doom.

The zombies should gather at 2 pm in the parking lot behind the LCBO in Uptown Waterloo (at the corner of King & William St).

The temperature is supposed to be 7C so dress appropriately (you will be outside for most of the walk).

We are slow moving zombies (none of that ridiculous running zombie stuff here) so if you are late to arrive you should be able to find us shambling up King Street. Hopefully special guests, the Tri-City Roller Girls will be able to skate slowly too.

First stop is the Quantum to Cosmos Tent in the Waterloo Town Square where we will terrify the incredibly smart.

Then we will go up to Erb and cross over to stumble down the other side of King to Whole-Lot-A-Gelata for some free brain-flavoured gelata (or chocolate peanut butter whichever you like better).

After that we will drags our corpses back up King and then hook over to 10 Regina Street N to Gen X Video where the great zombie prize giveaway will occur. Plenty of great stuff this year. Costume pieces from Queen of Hearts Costumes, books from Wordsworth Books, gift certificate and t-shirt from Orange Monkey, New Moon and Astro Boy gear from Entertainment One Films, T-shirts from Anchor Bay Entertainment and DVDs, free rental coupons and a BLU-Ray player from Generation X - Video & Media.

Finally, for those inclined, we will retire to Ethel's Lounge for a beverage or two before we return to the land of the living for another year.

Please remember to follow the rules of the road, don't damage any property (ie. bang on windows) and respect the living (they are our food source after all).

Most of all, have fun!

Hope to see you there.

Zombie Master Mike
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Old 10-17-2009, 07:44 PM
Canadian Zombies Canadian Zombies is offline
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Default You Rock!

Hope you guys have a blast.
I just went to the website and say some video stuff you just posted.
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